Musikgarten with Susan

Nurturing a musical mind, 
a listening ear and an expressive self 

Open house

Family music for Moms, Dads & Babies

Oct 14, 2017

Saturday  11:15 am - 11.55 am

Esch Music Academy

5 McIntosh Drive # 3A, Markham


Oct 21, 2017

Saturday  2 pm - 3 pm

Pearl Piano House

15 Sims Crescent, #1,

Richmond Hill

Change your child's life with music

Calling all Moms, Dads and Babies!

Free classes!! for Moms and Dads to learn how to create a music-rich environment and engage in musical play with your little ones.

The period between conception and the first three years of life is a time of rapid brain development. Early experiences, external stimuli such as gentle touching, language and music, and bonding activities between parents and child have a deciding factor in shaping how the baby’s brain develops.

Do not miss this window of opportunity that will never again occurs in the human life cycle! 

We invite parents to experience the amazing Musikgarten Program, specially designed for parents and babies. Enjoy a joyful and sensory rich experience with beautiful music that will have a lasting effect on the potential of your child.

Join us in our weekly classes for expecting moms, moms, dads and babies from new born to 16 months old.

Come to our free classes this October. 

Pre-registration is required.

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